Busy, busy, busy.

The packing continues at a steady pace. This week our Giant Armadillo fossil – Glyptodon – was packed away. Courtesy of box-maker extraordinaire – Stuart – it had a big, bespoke crate made for it to nestle in, thickly lined with little cushions made from special acid-free tissue paper.  Specialist conservator, Nigel Larkin, gave the ancient fossil a thorough cleaning before moving it to its temporary new home. Even though some specimens are stored behind glass display cases, they can still gather dust over the years.

Nigel dusting the Glyptodon.

Nigel dusting the Glyptodon.

After clearing the display decks of Birds of the British Isles last week, attention has turned to some of our bigger birds. Our white-tailed eagles and a selection of ducks have been re-housed in custom-made boxes.

eagles & ducksGreat progress has also been made with packing up the display specimens from our spirit collection.

packed spiritsOf course, we’ve still got a lot of guys hanging around, waiting patiently.

waitingWe’re getting there…


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