About the project

The University Museum of Zoology was awarded initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the ‘Animals Galore – preserving and safeguarding diversity’ project in January 2013. The project aims to completely refurbish the display spaces of the Museum, to create a Learning Space and School Room and to build new Stores with more space, state-of-the-art preservation conditions and guided public access. New interpretation will tell some of the stories behind the collections and the people associated with them, such as Charles Darwin, Alfred Russel Wallace, Hugh Edwin Strickland and Hugh Cott. It will also explore the science behind the understanding of animal diversity and the threats to it, and explain how the community of conservation scientists in Cambridge are seeking to preserve biodiversity.

The Museum will be closed to the public from June 3rd 2013 in order to prepare and deliver this major redevelopment project with an aim to complete and reopen with improved displays and facilities in early 2016. This blog site will be following the development as it progresses, giving an inside view of the work of the museum.

Heritage Lottery Fund


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